The Vortsman: The Vortsman Says…

The Vortsman is grateful for the positive comments received for his last bit. But: what about questions? He can’t pretend to be an expert without questions to answer! For example, someone might have asked:

My parents would say about some event that occurred regularly that it happened “yedn montik un donershtik — every Monday and Thursday. Why those two days?

To which The Vortsman might have replied:

One can’t be sure, but the Talmud records that sessions of the High Rabbinic Court took place on those days, so Yiddish folk traditions might have extended the schedule to any event that occurs regularly. There’s also a bit of sarcasm inherent in the phrase.

Now, let’s have some real questions (or disagreements).

The Vortsman is Hershl Hartman, long-time District Committee member and education director at the Sholem Community. He welcomes queries — and disagreements — from readers about Yiddish words and phrases. Send them to