SoCal Workers Circle Endorses Statement on Gaza

A statement on the Gaza situation, issued days ago by the Boston Workmen’s Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice, was endorsed by its Los Angeles counterpart, the SoCal Arbeter Ring/Workmen’s Circle, on July 25, 2014. [Editor’s note: Sadly, it is now November 30, 2023 and nothing has changed. It seems only fitting to reprint this–now more than nine years old!–statement.

“As casualties on both sides mount, we call upon all people of goodwill and the leaders of both Israel and Gaza to act upon the concepts in this statement,” the Los Angeles group declared.

The Boston Workmen’s Circle Center’s statement reads:

With great sorrow we observe again the intensification of hostilities between Israel and Gaza, leading to more destruction, insecurity and loss of life, particularly in Gaza. We support all good faith efforts designed to broker an effective, durable cease-fire, and we urge both Israel and Hamas to accept and observe it once it is established.

We deplore all forms of racism, and as Jews we are particularly disturbed and pained to see the upsurge in open expressions of anti-Arab racism in Israel.

We acknowledge that there is no military solution to the conflict, and that until there is an end to the Occupation there can be no possibility of peace, security, and dignity for the Israeli and Palestinian people.