Secular/Cultural Jewishness

SoCal Arbeter Ring/Workers Circle Events

SoCal AR/WC is a leading progressive Secular/Cultural Jewish organization in Los Angeles with a special but non-exclusive emphasis on the often-overlooked Eastern European heritage of Jewish-Americans: Yiddish language, literature and culture. We sponsor classes, concerts, exhibits, lectures, plays and much more that reflects that heritage.

For more information, email or call (310) 552-2007.

Ongoing Programs

Yiddish classes

Under the tutelage of expert Yiddish teacher Yakob Basner, our Yiddish classes help beginners and intermediate students gain entry into the riches of this expressive and literate language.


Do you like to sing a bisl? Want to play klezmer music in a heymishe atmosphere? The Workers Circle has two acclaimed choirs, both fun and challenging, and the Community Klezmer Project for aspiring klezmorim. Our Mit Gezang Chorus specializes in Yiddish songs, and Voices of Conscience’s repertoire reflects our social values. Call today or e-mail to learn more!

Yiddish Sing-Along

Voices of Conscience Chorus

Voices of Conscience, an 11-year-old social action chorus in Los Angeles, is for people who love to sing and who want to express collective activism for social, political, and humanitarian causes. Under the musical direction of Ruth Judkowitz, Voices of Conscience creatively melds ideas, ideals, and ideologies into peaceful protest with four-part harmonies. The repertoire includes songs in English, Yiddish, and other languages, addressing social issues such as war and peace, human rights, gender rights, the environment, labor, etc.

For more information, email or call (310) 552-2007.

A Shenere Velt Gallery

Our gallery features the creative work of Jewish and other artists whose themes, broadly conceived, are consistent with our concerns in the areas of Jewish culture and education, friendship, mutual aid, and the pursuit of social and economic justice.

For more information, email or call (310) 552-2007.


Our library is one of our most special offerings. We have a large collection of Yiddish literature in Yiddish and English, extensive histories of the labor movement, the Bund, and the Jewish experience, and much more.

For more information, email or call (310) 552-2007.

Contemporary/Relevant Jewish Holiday Observances

As Jewish cultural traditions have always evolved, we adapt them to meet the needs of the 21st century. Among our communal observances are rosheshone (Rosh Hashana), kolnidre (Kol Nidre) yonkiper (Yom Kipur), khaneke (Hanuka), peysakh (Passover), the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, and the Soviet Yiddish Writers Memorial. Click here to read more or give us a call today or e-mail!