News from the Circle

This report was scheduled for presentation at the recent annual membership meeting of the National WC/AR:

The blasts by three baley tekiah (shofar blowers) rent the air on October 3 as some 300 members and friends of SoCal Arbeter Ring/Workmen’s Circle and the Sholem Community filled the Musicians’ Union hall in Hollywood to mark their annualkolnidre observance.

A chorus of 21 voices, singing in Yiddish, Hebrew, Arabic and English,  joined an instrumental quintet of professional musicians—contributing their time and talents—as 16 voices read an inspiring narration that many attendees said had moved them to tears.

Highlighting the event were remarks by Ani Zonneveld, co-founder and president of Muslims for Progressive Values, recently granted consultative status at the United Nations. For many years past, Ms Zonneveld had led the kolnidre audience in singing “Peace, Salaam, Shalom” by Pat Humphries and Sandy O. She also had led that song at the rededication of the SoCal Arbeter Ring’s  rededication of the mural defaced last February.

SoCal Arbeter Ring/Workmen’s Circle also co-sponsored with Sholem a rosheshone (Rosh Hashona) observance in a local park, while conducting its own yonkiper (Yom Kipur) ceremony at its Robertson Boulevard Center under the leadership of former director Eric Gordon, avegvayzer and member of the District Committee.

Eric Gordon, our former Director and current member of our District Committee, has been authorized to perform weddings in New York City, which has the most complex and restrictive rules in the country. As one of the first four graduates of the Secular Yeshiva, he was named a Certifiedvegvayzer/madrikh/Leader in 2010 by vegvayzerHershl Hartman.

Chairmentsh Ruth Judkowitz, following an amazing recovery from major surgery this summer, attended the October meeting of the District Committee to the delight of its other members. As time permits, she will be at the office once a week on a day yet to be determined.

Save the date: Hershl Hartman, a member of the District Committee, Education Director of the Sholem Community and convenor of the L.A. Secular Yeshiva for Advanced Jewish Education—co-sponsored by both groups—will have his 85th birthday marked by Sholem on Sunday, Dec. 7, at 4:00 PM. Details to follow.